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Arihant group is especially proud of its research program led by the able hands of Dr Chirag Ghevariya (PhD). The leader and the team both have been in a constantly evolving process and are instrumental in bringing all our products to the level of excellence at which they are now. The never ending thirst of getting better and making better has been their unwritten motto and has proven to be a pillar of the group’s success.


Arihant group’s drive for innovation in agriculture comes from its vast sales force which is educated in the field of agricultural sciences and is in close contact with the dealers and growers . We conduct hundreds of field trials on a wide variety of crops that enable us to show growers that our agricultural products work in their growing conditions. From these trials, we also learn how to adapt product-use recommendations for a large number of growing conditions.


In addition to the innovative and technically sound founders who played an active role in the design and implementation of the manufacturing process, many years of research and development and engineering have constantly kept the process constantly exceeding expectations of the buyers or consumers This process, which meets strict standards of excellence, ensures bioactive compounds that are already present in our fresh raw material are extracted in their most pure and active state. The procedures used throughout this process not only liberate bioactive compounds, but also produce new compounds making Arihant agricultural products especially unique. Our innovation in agricultural results in a range of crop care solutions that produce targeted benefits in plants.