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Anionic Sticker

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Anionic Sticker

Anionic Sticker is an adjuvant with QUADRUPLE technology that is mixed with Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides as well as Foliar fertilizers to provide greater sticking and spreading ability as well as increasing the efficacy of applied molecules and thereby enhancement of performance over target organism.

  • Do not mix directly in the spray tank.
  • Use only clean water.
  • Add the required quantity of Anionic Sticker in clean water and stir it thoroughly.
  • Add required quantity of Pesticides / Foliar Fertilizers to get a homogenized suspension.

For All crops

Method of application:

  • Use 1 ml/litre along with Insecticides, Fungicides and Foliar Fertilizers.
  • Use 1-1.5 ml/litre along with Herbicides.

Packing : 50 ltr / 200 ltr HDPE Barrel