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Brassinolide 0.01% Liquid

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Brassinolide 0.01% Liquid

Scientists have been researching brassinolide for years as a natural fertilizer, mainly for agricultural plants. Brassinolide, also known as brassinos, are naturally occurring plant hormones that regulate a plant’s growth, development and immunity. The hormone is naturally produced, as needed, to help plants grow, create pollen, set flowers, fruits and seeds, and resist diseases or pests.

  • Encouraging growth, yield and improving quality
  • Promoting fruit’s enlargement and increase the percentage of fruit setting
  • Increasing weight of fruits
  • Cold and drought resistance
  • Disease resistance
  • Differentiation in tissue culture
  • Reduce the harmful effect of fungicides, herbicides and pesticide
  • Increase in seeds and germination percentage
  • When applied 10-15 days before harvesting, it increases the natural preservation value
  • Reduces fruit dropping and flowering

For All crops

Method of application: Foliar Spray

Packing : 200 ltr HDPE Barrel