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Enzymetic Amino Acid Powder

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Enzymetic Amino Acid Powder

Enzymes—the proteins that act as catalysts in the Plant. The amino acids found in proteins are L-amino acids.  Amino acids can act as both an acid and a base due to the presence of the amino and carboxyl functional groups. Amino acid fertilizers are readily absorbed, transported, and utilized as a source of nitrogen and carbon for plants. This saves the energy expended by the plant to reduce organic matter, synthetic nitrates and ammonia into amino acids. Amino acids also function as biostimulants for plants.

  1. ParticularsParameters
  2. Total Amino Acid> 80%
  3. Free Amino Acid>40%
  4. Total Nitrogen>13.5%
  5. Water Solubility100%
  6. pH ( 5% solution )5.0-6.5
  • Stimulate root growth, make crops grow strongly, higher fertilizer utilization.
  • Improve crop photosynthetic performance, promote photosynthetic transfer, enhance product performance.
  • Suppress the occurrence of soil-borne diseases, obvious effects of continuous cropping.
  • Use with Inorganic fertilizer which can increase nutrients absorption and the yields.
  • Make soil soft, reduce soil compaction, Improve soil fertilization and water retention capacity.
  • Act as activators of phytohormones.

For All crops

Method of application:

  • Filed Crops & Vegetables1-2kg/ha at period of rapid growth or nutritional stress, 2 times at least through growing seasons.
  • Grapes and Berries1-2kg/ha at active growth period,1 week intervals at least through vegetative growth period.
  • Tree Crops1-3kg/ha at active growth period, 2-4 weeks intervals through growing seasons
  • Turf3-6kg/ha at active growth period
  • Ornamental Trees,shrubsDilute at rate of 25kgs in 1 or more steres of water and spray to complete coverage
  • CautionThe miscibility test should be done before formulating with pesticide and fertilizer.

Packing : 25 Kgs Paper Bags.