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Manganese Sulphate

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Manganese Sulphate

Manganese plays an essential role in photosynthesis and, when available in adequate amounts, can enhance stress tolerance. It is an activator for over 35 different enzymes and increases lignin biosynthesis which can reduce attacks from soil-borne pathogens. Therefore, applications of Manganese Sulphate can be effective at improving disease resistance and help to activate important enzymatic processes for an overall higher functioning plant.

  1. ParticularsParameters
  2. BaseCrystals
  3. Manganese ( as Mn ) percent by weight, minimum30.5 %
  4. Sulphate sulphur ( as S ) percent by weight, minimum17.0%
  5. PH ( 5% solution ) not less than4.0%


  • Enhance the photosynthetic efficiency and dry matter production.
  • Provide resistance to biotic stress by increasing plant resistance to various diseases and reducing the need for fungicides.
  • Contribute to abiotic stress tolerance, particularly drought and heat.
  • Result in significantly higher crop yield.
  • For All crops

Method of application:

  • Fertigation
  • Drip Irrigation or Foliar Spray

Packing : 50 Kgs HDPE Bags.