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Organic + NPK liquid 03:50:50

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Organic + NPK liquid 03:50:50

The ORGANIC + NPK Liquid Gel 03:50:50 is a highly concentrated emulsion, combining macro and chelated micro elements along with an organic component proven to stimulate root development in plants. Tailored to maximize crop production, especially for crops susceptible to stress conditions like high temperatures, soil variations, moisture levels, and diseases, this fertilizer is formulated to supply essential nutrients to both seedlings and mature plants.


The phosphorus and potassium combination in the ORGANIC + NPK 03:50:50 is particularly advantageous for flowering and fruiting plants. Adequate phosphorus encourages flower formation and improves fruit set, while potassium supports fruit development, quality, and taste. This fertilizer can enhance flower and fruit production, resulting in higher yields and improved crop quality.

The organic component not only provides essential nutrients but also contributes organic matter to the soil. This improves soil structure, enhances moisture retention, and boosts nutrient-holding capacity. Furthermore, it promotes the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms, contributing to overall soil fertility.


Through an innovative process of Micro fluidisation, this liquid gel fertilizer boasts a slow-release mechanism. This innovation, coupled with S4 and EA2 technologies, reduces farmers’ reliance on traditional fertilizers, marking a significant stride toward sustainable and effective agricultural practices. By incorporating these advanced technologies, the product distinguishes itself from the competition, offering unparalleled benefits for plant growth and development.

  1. Nutrient ContentWt/WtWt/Vol
  2. baseLiquid
  3. Organic Nitrogen N1.80%3.00%
  4. Phosphorous ( P2O5 )30.00%50.00%
  5. Potassium ( K2O )30.00%50.00%
  6. Magnesium ( MgO )0.80%1.30%
  7. Iron (EDTA) Fe0.098%0.15%
  8. Zinc (EDTA) Zn0.052%0.084%
  9. Copper (EDTA) Cu0.045%0.072%
  10. Manganese (EDTA) Mn0.048%0.076%
  11. Boron B0.020%0.032%
  12. Cobalt (EDTA) Co0.0006%0.00096%
  13. Molybdenum Mo0.0009%0.0014%
  14. Organic Component (Enzymatic Treated )20.50%32.00%
  15. pH (10% solution)6.5-7.0
  16. Specific gravity(at 18oC)1.65 – 1.70


  • Complete Nutrition: Comprehensive nutrient source providing essential elements for robust plant growth.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for the entire crop cycle, promoting sustained health and vigorous growth.
  • Stress Resilience: Enhances resistance to both biotic and abiotic stress, fortifying crops.
  • Foliar Tonic: Multi-dimensional tonic for cell strength and high brix levels.
  • Early Growth Boost: Facilitates early germination and robust seedling development.
  • Metabolic Support: Boosts plant metabolism for overall vitality.
  • Root and Canopy Enhancement: Stimulates root and top growth, improving plant structure.
  • Photosynthesis Optimization:Enhances stomatal growth and chlorophyll synthesis for efficient photosynthesis.
  • Stress Prevention: Prevents leaf, flower, and fruit drop under stress conditions.
  • Optimal Crop Development: Facilitates better grain/fruit development, resulting in superior quality and increased yield.
  • Enriched with Organics: Adds organic matter to soil, improving nutrient content and overall soil health.
  • Sustainable Soil Improvement: Improves water-holding capacity, aeration, microbial activity, and reduces soil erosion risk.

Recommended stage of usage:

  • This NPK mixture is best for the flowering and fruiting stages of the crop life cycle.

Recommended Crops:

  • For Fertigation : Vegetable crops, Flower crops, Spices, plantations and condiment crops, medicinal & aromatic crops.
  • For Foliar application : All crops

Recommend Application:

  • Fertigation
  • Drip Irrigation or Foliar Spray
  • Foliar Spray  1.5 to 2ml/ℓ
  • Drip irrigation 500 ml/acre

Packing : 200 ltr HDPE Barrel