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The Benefits of Rhizobium for Your Plants

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The Benefits of Rhizobium for Your Plants

Enzymatic Bio fertilizer helps in improving the microflora of the soil thereby facilitating the assimilation of nutrients.

Rhizobia are of enormous agricultural and economic values because they provide the major source of nitrogen input in agricultural soils. Beside nitrogen fixation, many rhizobial strains exert plant-growth-promoting traits  as well as the solubilization of inorganic phosphate. These make rhizobia become valuable for both legumes and non-legumes.


  1. nutrient contentParameters
  2. BasePowder
  3. Viable cell countCFU minimum 5 x 107  cell/g
  4. Contamination levelNo contamination at 105 dilution
  5. pH6.5-7.5
  6. Particle SizeAll material pass through 0.15 to 0.212 mm IS sieve
  • Fixing nutrient availability in the soil.
  • It Symbiotically associates with plants root.
  • It readily and safely converts complex organic material into simple compounds, so that they can easily be taken up by the plants.
  • It maintains the natural habitat of the soil.
  • It Stimulates plant growth.
  • It protects against drought and some soil borne diseases.

Gram, lentil , pea, pigeon pea, Soyabean, green gram, black gram , ground nut etc.

100 gm per acre.


  • Method of application: Seed Treatment, Seedling treatment, Soil application and Drip irrigation.
  • Packing : 25 Kgs HDPE Bags