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Silicon Spreader & Sticker

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Silicon Spreader & Sticker

Silicon Spreader & Sticker is a new generation Silicone-based non-ionic adjuvant innovated by ultra-modern R & D centre of Arihant which can be used with fungicides, insecticides & herbicides, PGRs and fertilisers to enhance their performance and effectiveness. It works like a sticker, spreader, rain fastener, activator and adjuvant which ultimately reduces cost and improves profitability.

Silicon Spreader & Sticker plays a key role in controlling many environmental performances limiting factors like rains, wind etc and physical variables like solubility, compatibility, foaming, suspension, surface tension, droplet size, drift, deposition, volatilization, coverage, adherence and penetration.

When water is placed on a water repellent surface of a waxy plant leaf, it tends to remain on the surface of the leaf, beading into tiny droplets. Thus water does not spread out evenly over the leaf’s surface. Adding Silicon Spreader & Sticker to pesticide spray solution increases the coverage by reducing the surface tension of the water.

  • Maximum spray usage and distribution across the leaf.
  • Reduces surface tension of spray solutions much more than conventional adjuvants.
  • Augments rain fastening under specific conditions.
  • Spreads quickly, carrying insecticide into the inaccessible sites inhabited by pest and to those parts of the crop canopy prone for infection by diseases.
  • Helps to unlock the power within plant & a wide range of agrochemical formulations and nutrition products. It acts as a PERFORMANCE ENHANCER.
  • Many physical or environmental factors limiting the performance of agrochemical sprays can be alleviated or effectively managed with Silicon Spreader & Sticker.
  • More productivity with efficient use of costly inputs and water. Reduction in spray volume and numbers.
  • More profit realization with better quality produce.

For All crops

Method of application: With insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizers, defoliators, herbicides and weedicides in Field crops, Horticulture and Plantation Crops mix 5ml/15 Litre of water.

Packing : 50 ltr / 200 ltr HDPE Barrel