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Zinc Oxide Suspension Concentrate

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Zinc Oxide Suspension Concentrate

Micronutrients are essential for the crop growth and productivity. Although their requirement is extremely small, the quantity for soil application is quite large and thus expensive. Micronized Zinc Oxide Suspension Concentrate (39.5% Zn) is a new generation micronutrient product for foliar Application. It is widely accepted by the farming communities in the world due to its superior efficacy and nutrient composition over the existing products available in the market.

  1. ParticularsParameters
  2. BaseLiquid
  3. Zinc ( as Zn ) percent by weight, minimum39.5%
  4. PH ( 5% solution )9.0 ± 1
  5. Specific gravity ( at 15˚ C )1.71 /1.75


  • Zinc Oxide Takes Part in N metabolism And Stimulants Amino Acid to produce Proteins.
  • Zinc Contains 39.5%  More  Zinc contents  then Typical Liquid.
  • Zinc Oxide 39.5% Stable is Suspension Concentrate Formulation.
  • Zinc Oxides Helps to form the Enzyme System which Regulates the plant life.
  • Zinc Oxide includes direct application to soils to correct the zinc deficiency, root dipping and seed coating before crop transplant but also as ingredient for  foliar application of zinc. These are widely used especially with Horticulture, Vegetables and all types of agriculture crops .
  • Requires very low dosage with better zinc nutrition.
  • Nanoparticles support rapid absorption.
  • It can be used  in a mixed tank with agrochemicals.
  • Promotes nitrogen metabolism and produces protein and starch.
  • Boosts chloroplast & enzyme production.
  • For All crops.

Method of application:

  • Fertigation
  • Drip Irrigation or Foliar Spray

Packing : 50 ltr /200 ltr HDPE Barrel.